Fish Harvester

Fish Harvester

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  1. Fish Harvester is considered an ocean-going vessel & you will be required to put your name and contact details on your Fish Harvester before you use it.
  2. Please check local fishing regulations at before using the fish harvester.
  3. We recommend listing your Fish Harvester among belongings within your Contents Insurance, in case anything happens to it while at sea.
  4. Keep your personal serial number in a safe place. It is located behind the rudder, etched in the metal. This is a great way to verify you as the owner in the event your Fish Harvester is picked up and handed in by other fisherman.
Q: How long will a fully charged battery last?
A: A fully charged battery will allow for TWO 30 minute runs out to the sea before needing to be recharged.

Q: What are the dimensions of the main unit?
A: Approx. 1300m x 275mm x 530mm

Q: Is the battery wet or dry?
A: Dry Cell Battery

Q: What is the voltage of the battery?
A: 12V - 12 Amps per hour

Q: What are the amps per hour on the 12v batteries? Can these be replaced by standard batteries or do they have to buy them from us?
A: The batteries are each 12 Amp Hour at a 2-hour discharge rate. (Not Amps per hour)  These preferably should come from us as the discharge rate is high and batteries are suitably specified - not like alarm batteries.

Q: What is the line made of?
A: Nylon (Monofilament)

Q: What size are the hooks?
A: The hook size is 2mm diameter wire and 45mm overall height, made of stainless steel.

Q: What is the breaking strain of the trace line?
A: The Breaking strain of the trace line is about 20lb

Q: What is the weight of the assembled FH hull with batteries, ready to launch?
A: 18.5kg

Hull Sync and Operation

Winch Sync and Operation

Fishing Regulation
  1. The maximum number of traces allowed on a long line in New Zealand is 25. The Fish Harvester Trace Rack holds 28, so 3 should be treated as spares only.
  2. In some parts of New Zealand, longline fishing is further restricted or even prohibited, and fishing limits also vary - so you must be aware of all specific local regulations when you plan your expedition.
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