Kool Grill

Kool Grill

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  1. Dimension: 400x235mm
  2. Weight: Approx. 3.7kg
  3. Materials used: Stainless steel, steel and plastics

 Basic Info:

  1. Reaches cooking temperature in minutes
  2. Fan gives you complete temperature control
  3. The outer bowl remains cool to touch so you can pick up and move Kool Grill even when it's cooking
  4. Dishwasher Safe
  5. No gas or electricity
  6. Runs off 4x AA batteries - runs up to one and a half hours - If you were using the fan at full speed continuously
  7. Available in four colours; yellow; orange; green and black 
  8. Virtually smoke-free
  9. 100% portable


What you need:
  1. Natural Hardwood Charcoal: For best results and flavour, use natural hardwood charcoal, not processed or briquettes. Walnut-sized chunks burn best, and bring your Kool Grill up to cooking temperature faster
  2. Lighter Gel: Available at specialist BBQ shops and selected hardware stores
  3. 4x AA batteries


       Ready to cook in 5 minutes:
  1. With Kool Grill, you're ready to cook up a feast in as little as five minutes. The secret lies in the battery-driven fan system that blows air over the charcoal. This means you reach cooking temperature much faster than a regular charcoal barbeque. Plus the variable speed fan gives you total temperature control
       Cool Touch Safety Designs:
  1. Circulating cool air between the inner and outer bowl means the outer bowl remains cool enough for you to pick up and move the Kool Grill - even while cooking. Plus the stainless steel grill locks the burning charcoal safely so it can't spill, even if the Kool Grill is turned upside down
      Cook for up to 6 people:
  1. With over 40 minutes* continuous cooking time, now you can have a BBQ anywhere, anytime. Juicy steaks, tender chicken, delicious sausages, char-grilled vegetables - Kool Grill does it all. And it's big enough to cook for 6 people
* - 40 minutes refers to the cooking duration time of one full "cage" of charcoal if you were grilling/barbequing i.e. a reasonably high heat. If you were using it to smoke food (low heat) then the charcoal would last longer.

      Barbeque Anywhere, Anytime:
  1. No gas bottles, no need of big bags of messy charcoal. Plus the cool touch design and safe non-slip rubber feet make Kool Grill fully portable - it even has it's very own carry case
       Ready to cook in 3 EASY STEPS:
  1. Turn on the fan and light the gel
  2. Place the charcoal cage in the charcoal cage
  3. Lock the grill, wait for 5 minutes and start cooking

 Safety First!

  1. While the outer bowl will remain cool, be aware the grill is hot and can burn
  2. Because Kool Grill burns charcoal, it is essential you only ever use it in a well-ventilated area
  3. Never burn charcoal or place coals, even if they appear to be extinguished, inside homes, vehicles, tents or any enclosed area. Coal can reignite several hours after they appear to be cold
  4. Use only organic barbeque lighter gel
  5. Never use spirits to light the grill
  6. Keep Kool Grill away from children and animals
  7. Never leave a hot grill unattended
  8. Always use barbeque tongs
Charcoal Disposal: Dispose of charcoal in metal or non-combustible containers only. Never use plastic or flammable containers

How to clean your Kool Grill:
  1. Clean grill and stainless steel inner bowl after each use using warm water and detergent. The grill and inner bowl are also dishwasher safe.
  2. Clean outer bowl with a damp cloth only. Never immerse in water. Do not clean with solvents or flammable liquids.
  3. Remove batteries if storing Kool Grill for a long time.
  4. Be aware the charcoal cage will need replacing from time to time
  5. Let the Kool Grill cool completely before cleaning
Note: For the flame to burn effectively, the fan must be turned on.
The charcoal cage may have a thin film of oil on it as a result of production. This may cause some smoke when first used.
Warning: Do not touch the flame.
Make sure the charcoal cage sits evenly on the lighter plate

Some uses of the roasting lid:
  1. Roasting meats
  2. Roasting vegetables
  3. Hot smoking food (add wood chips)
  4. Faster cooking for thicker food items
  5. No need for flipping or shuffling food as the lid traps heat and cooks from the top as well as the bottom
  6. Can be used for all types of cooking and roasting or simply to assist in windy weather. Same as a the normal lid on a BBQ
  7. Range of temperatures achievable - Between 160 - 300
  8. Sits on top of the grilling wire
  9. Requires a wire handle (included) to remove when in use or a kool glove as it gets very hot
  10. Made from stainless steel 
Attached below is the manual and quick setup guide to refer.