Powerfit Powerlegs

Powerfit Powerlegs

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Q : Powerlegs is faulty because it is not doing the massage.
A : Program 1 (P1) only has a vibration function so that your legs and muscle get used to the vibration. Program 2 & 3 (P2 and P3) have the massage and vibration function.

Q : Powerlegs is not turning on.
A : Disconnect the cord from the machine and reconnect it again, making sure that it is plugin properly.

Q : Should I use it with socks or without socks?
A : Socks are recommended as per the manual, but it is entirely up to you.

Q : Should I follow the instructions of the manual saying to increase level only after 3 days for Program 1?
A : It is always best to follow the manual to make sure you get used to the vibration first, because you may find the massage too intense if you go straight to use P2 or P3 mode. However, it is at your discretion if you want to straight move on to P2 or P3.

Check out the instruction manual and quick start guide for more information.