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Note: The Rowshaper has a User weight limit of 120 kgs.

Rowing is popular because it allows you to keep fit in less time and enjoy low impact exercise that gives proven cardio and strength improvements. The Rowshaper will burn as many calories in 20 minutes as a combination of gym machines will achieve in 90 minutes. 
At the same time, you are toning and strengthening up to 80% of your muscles, including all the major muscles that support your joints. You will feel more energetic and find day-to-day tasks a breeze. PLUS, if you want to really target your abs the Rowshaper also converts to an ab-crunch machine! 
The hydraulic resistance ram has 12 levels, and the seat slide-rail also has 3 incline levels for further resistance adjustment making the Rowshaper suitable for all levels of fitness. If you are short of space as well as time the Rowshaper can be stored vertically, with attached wheels that make moving it easy.

Rowshaper HIIT Instructional Video

Rowshaper Lose Your Love Handle Instructional Video