Smokeless Grill

Smokeless Grill

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Q: Where can I use The Smokeless Grill?
A: The Smokeless Grill is designed to cook authentic, char-grilled BBQ meals indoors all year round. On any day in any weather! 

Q: How does The Smokeless Grill help keep my kitchen clean?
A: The Smokeless Grill includes stainless, tempered glass to help keep your counter-top clean while Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology helps keep your kitchen virtually smoke-less.

Q: Are the parts included easy to clean? 
A: Yes! The Grill and Griddle Plate are designed with Advanced Non-stick Coating, so nothing sticks to the surface. There's no soaking or scrubbing required afterward. Both the Grill & Griddle Plate are dishwasher safe or you may wash by hand.

Q: How does Smokeless Grill transform into an electric skillet?
A: You can turn The Smokeless Grill into an electric skillet in seconds by replacing the Grill Plate with the Griddle Plate.

Q: How does The Smokeless Grill help me cook healthier?
A: When cooking on The Smokeless Grill, fat and oil drain away into the removable Drip Tray. Plus, Advanced Non-stick Coating means no added butter or oil is required. 

Q: How do I control the cooking temperature on The Smokeless Grill?
A: The Smokeless Grill's LED Smart Temperature Control lets you adjust the temperature from 80° C to 230° C with just the push of a button. Heat is distributed evenly for perfect grilling without hot spots. 

Q: How does The Smokeless Grill reduce virtually all the smoke from grilling?
A: The Smokeless Grill's Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology sucks up smoke and odour utilizing a smoke recycling system. The smoke is captured and extracted through an advanced fan system, greatly reducing the amount of smoke that is let out. 

Q: What are the lines between the temperatures on the Temperature Dial? 
A: These lines are for design purposes only.