The Renovator Transforma Ladder

The Renovator Transforma Ladder

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Instructional video with spreader inert

Instructional on how to use the ladder safely

What is the 5.2 metre measurement?

On a TL24 it allows an average height person (approx. 170cm or 5' 7") to stand on the 3rd rung down (maximum safe working rung level) to reach 5.2 metres (17') - equivalent to the 2nd story window-pane level of a 2-story home.

The TL35 reach is 6.2 metres (just over 20') - This can reach the roof of a standard 2-story house.

  1. Made of the same high strength aluminum as the ladder the Extendable Plank makes handling and storing a plank much easier. It is 8' (2.43m) in closed mode and 13' (3.96m) when fully extended. Many tasks are completed quicker when using the trestle configuration with a plank, rather than working from a ladder.
  2. Working across a wall face you move across the plank rather than moving a ladder.
  3. Provides the space for more than 1 person to be working, with the work platforms attached to the trestles used for materials or equipment.
  4. The plank can easily be moved to different heights on the trestles with the top rung-level ideal for a workbench.
  5. Weight: 18.65kg
  6. Width: 30cm
  7. User Weight Limit: 114 Kgs
  8. The outer piece is extruded at 12-13 gauge. The inner wall is made with box channeling for extra strength.
Work Platform 
  1. The Work Platform is fully compatible with all models of the Transforma Ladder and can be used to stand on or for holding your tools.
  2. Weight: 1.35kg
  3. Dimension: 29cm x 27cm
  4. Supports up to 150kgs
Wall Standoff
  1. The Wall Standoff is great to use when working around windows, guttering, overhangs and other obstacles. The Wall Standoff's extra width increases the versatility of any model of Transforma Ladder.
  2. Weight: 2.4 kgs
  3. Distance from wall 34cm & 68cm
 Leg Leveller 
  1. The leg leveler is designed to make working on uneven surfaces easier.
  2. Weight: 1.62 kgs
  3. Length 62cm
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